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Learn about H.O.P.E. Business Academy: Business, entrepreneurship, and life skills training and equipping for ex-addicts and felons.

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Learn how you can help us break down the barriers to economic sustainability, create successful entrepreneurs who focus on doing business for the common good, and build lives with godly Character by sharing the skills and resources you already have.

About M25 Ventures

We’re Dreamers: We believe in a God-sized dream for everyone! No matter what your past God has BIG plans for your future! We’re Developers: We believe that to be fully alive means to never stop growing! We are catalysts for growth: helping those who once had too little become ones who overflow with excess into others lives.

At M25 Ventures we take the word “hope” seriously! We aren’t in the business of offering the false hope of riches, fame, and success as society typically defines those things. Nor do we believe hope is merely “wishing” for what seems unattainable. The hope we believe in comes from our belief in the God who never gives up on us and who has gone to infinite lengths to give us the chance to become everything He created us to be!

M25 Ventures provides solutions for life beyond re-entry to society. Nearly all re-entry programs focus on the first six months to a year out of prison or rehab often providing minimum wage work and temporary housing. Without sustainable vocations, returning to drug use and crime can become inevitable.


  1. Michael

    January 19, 2012

    Good job John!

  2. Carmaleta Anderson

    April 2, 2013

    Hello, My name is Carmaleta Anderson and i feel me and my family were affected by the regentification of NE Portland Oregon and I want some of it back, and to make a difference for the children, myself and African Americans in general. I would like to have that entrepreneurship ability and sence for business. I am a recoverying addict of almost 16 years. I was a 25 year returning student at PCC and got my AAS (Associates of Applied Science) degree in 2008 for Alcohol nad Drug Counseling, I am also a CADC I ( certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor 1) I am hungry for knowledge of your program, someone in your program told me about this site! what can I do to get started?

    • John Shepherd

      April 3, 2013

      Hi Carmeleta, Thanks for you interest. Please contact our Director of Admissions, Leah Heller, at leah@m25ventures.com or 503-960-1397. She can set up a meeting with you to explain our program and help you decide if we can help you reach your goals. Thanks again for your interest.

  3. Amanda McLean

    April 14, 2013

    Hi, My name is Amanda McLean; I am a college student living in downtown Portland. I am looking for ways to get involved in the anti-trafficking movement and heard that this organization serves trafficking victims; is there a way I could get involved in that here?

    • John Shepherd

      April 15, 2013

      Hi Amanda. Thanks for your comment. While we do make our program available for trafficking victims we are not really DIRECTLY involved in anti-trafficking activity. We help women and girls that have been rescued or exited that life to start their own small businesses or become self-employed, especially if they have criminal records that make getting traditional employment very difficult. If you are looking for more direct involvement I would suggest contacting either Abolition Now (http://www.abolitionnow.com/) or Door to Grace (http://www.doortograce.org/). They are both great local organizations doing direct work with anti-trafficking.

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